panstarrs (2) panstarrsHere are some images form 3/13, in the evening.  I had to take the pics earlier than I would have liked, due to the clouds coming in.  I believe this is the PANSTARRS comet.  Taken with a 200mm zoom, f/4.5 and 2.0s shutter.  Tonight it was left of the moon and down near the horizon.



The Sun and the Moon, and Jupiter too!

Here are some interesting photos from last week…

The Sun with Unaltered Color The Red Sun

Two images of the sun taken within minutes of each other.  The image on the left is the sun in its natural yellow color.  As you pull more light away from the sun, you can get slightly more detail, and more red color.  The sun spot on the right side looks small on the sun, but it is about the size of the earth.

Moon with Jupiter

As the moon made its trip across the sky, it passed Jupiter.  Jupiter and the moon will not be this close again for well over 10 years.  This is a difficult shot to get, as the moon tends to wash out the shot.


The Year in Pictures

2012 was an eventful year, with both good and difficult events. To be honest, I was happy to welcome 2013.  I was, however, able to get some great photos in 2012 — thanks to the amazing events of the year. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed capturing them. If you would like a full resolution copy of any of these pics, just let me know and I can try and get it to you. Enjoy!

Venus in Transit

This is Venus passing in front of our Sun  It will not occur again until 2117, so I have to lead with it. This photo was taken through a compact disc as a filter.  I still had to bring exposure down (in Aperture) to get this result.  You can see Venus at the top, as well as several detailed sun spots.

Partial Solar EclipseSONY DSC

Next would be the partial solar eclipse that we witnessed here in Red Wing, MN.  The first shot is a close up, again taken through a compact disc as a filter.  As the sun set, however, no filter was needed – and it made for some very amazing photos.

Silhouette in a Tree

Here is a shot of my daughter in a tree at dusk.  The sky always has some great gradients just after sunset.

Unprotected Cover UncroppedSome people may recognize this picture from a certain book cover (Unprotected)

Oak Trees at Dawn

Two oak trees at dawn, just out my window.  The separation of day and night is evident.

Outdoor BaseballMauer and Pujols
Gate 34

The Concourse

These four photos are some of my favorite from Target Field in 2012.  The first photo was taken one night, after the weather cleared. Another photo shows Mauer and Pujols on first base.  Both were among the highest paid MLB players at the time.

The Future of the TwinsSano, a top Twins prospect in single A, hits a HR for the Beloit Snappers.

Hanging Out in the DugoutThe boys hang out in the dugout during a double header.  This was just a candid shot, but I am convinced that they knew I was taking photos.

Michigan Tries to HuddleThe Michigan team is attempting to huddle, as the band plays.  I really liked how the brass topped the pic, and then all the complexity of the many people in this photo – but all in uniform.

DecisionsLucy is trying to make a decision on cupcake style.  It is a lot to ask of a 6 year old.

Great PortraitAbby in one of her senior pics.

Home in the SnowOur house, right after a winter storm.

SleddingThis picture was a combo of great fun and great timing.  Shutter speed was just fast enough.

Well, there you have it, they year in pictures — the good parts at least. I hope that 2013 is equally kind to me on the photography front. Have a great year!